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primary care delivery is evolving


KareFirst's mission is to provide excellent care for patients in long-term care facilities. We specialize in gerontological services and we have a wonderful staff of Nurse Practitioners that understand the needs of patients while collaborating with the facilities' Administrator, Director of Nursing, Medical Director, physicians and floor nurses. We assess all aspects of the patient's health status, including health promotion, health protection, disease prevention and treatment. We adapt our care to meet the complex needs of older adults arising from age changes and multiple system disease.


The U.S. healthcare industry is approaching a critical imbalance in the supply and demand of primary care. On the demand side, the aging of the baby boomer population creates a massive group of older patients. The US population ages 65 and older is expected to double by the year 2030 and the fastest growing segment of the population is 85 years and older. This is leading to a forecast of the nursing home population doubling by the year 2030. In addition, the Affordable Care Act is expected to flood the system with new patients in the coming years. On the supply side, there is a shortage of primary care physicians to handle the influx of older and younger patients in the system.

Nurse practitioners are an immediate solution to the growing demand for additional primary care professionals attending to patients. Nurse practitioners are the fastest growing health care profession in primary care, growing at close to a 10% rate, physicians are growing at less than 2% in primary care according to the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and the number of Medicare patients treated by nurse practitioners increased 15 fold from 1998 to 2010 according to the University of Texas Medical Branch Researchers. 



KareFirst Managementprovides business and consulting services to KareFirst nurse practitioner groups. Our service helps nurse practitioners focus on their clinical responsibilities, while KareFirst Management handles the administrative and business side of the medical practice. KareFirst Management ultimately provides vision and value for KareFirst nurse practitioner groups. ​

KareFirst is one of the fastest growing independent nurse practitioner groups in the nation. We are strategically operating and initiating nurse practitioner groups in 23 markets in 16 states. We intend on becoming the largest independent nurse practitioner group in the United States. Visit the nurse practices groups we operate and are initiating >>>


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